watch the video below & click on the other categories above  

     Finally, A Home Business You Can Succeed At With A Full Time Job! With No Selling! I'm Arthur Gottlieb And This Is The Giant Postcard Business. If You Can Go Shopping And Hand

The Business owner Your Credit Card, You Can Succeed In This Business. Because, That's All You Have To Do. Only Difference Is, Instead Of Handing The Business Your Credit Card, You Hand 

Them Your Giant Postcard Sample. You Can Make $100,000.00+ In This Home Based Business Working Part Time. You Make up to $11,000 On Each Giant Postcard. You Can Do 24 a Year while 

Working Part Time. That's Over $200,000. Even If You Hardly Work And Only Do 5 Giant Postcards Per Year, You'll Still Make Over $50,000. 

     Just Visit Businesses And Hand Out Your Samples. The Sales Pitches And Ad Prices Are Printed On The Sample. When You Hand It To The Business Owners Their Instantly Hypnotized. It's

Captivating, Colorful And Alluring. They've Never Seen Anything Like It And Their Fascinated And Mesmerized when they see it. When Their Finished Reviewing It, They'll Ask Where your mailing 

It to And When. Their Sold. Their Ready To Throw Their Money At You. It's A Done Deal. Your Giant Postcard Sample Will Convince Every Business Owner That Sees It, That They need 

to Advertise on it, and be part of your giant postcard. Go Shopping, But Don't Buy Anything. Go Out To Eat, But Don't Eat Anything. Just Hand Business owners Your Sample And You can

Succeed Easily And Effortlessly In this business (targeted direct mail advertising) which has been around for over 75 years.         

     With People Receiving It In The Mail, It’s The Same Thing. Its Colorful Brilliance Makes Them Review It! You’ll Get Ads From Every Business Owner You Hand Your Sample To. It 

Does The Selling And Never Fails. You’ll Be Able To Take Business From The Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines And Newspaper Franchises Like Taking Candy From A Baby. Zoom In On The Sample 

and You’ll Understand Why Every Business Owner You Hand It To Will Buy An Ad On Your Giant Postcard! It’s your Foolproof Salesman That Never Fails And Never Asks for a raise. 

     Your Giant Postcard Generates up to $15,500 In Revenue & Your Only Expense Is a $4,000 Production Cost, Which Includes The Designing Your Ads, And The Printing And Mailing

Of Your Giant Postcard To 10,000 Homes In Your Targeted Zip Codes. You profit up to $11,000 Profit On Each. I Protect The Zip Codes That You Target And Don’t Work With Anyone Else in

those Zip Codes As Long As Your In Business. Your Zip Codes And Investment Are Fully Protected.

     Giant Postcard Business Is a media business Similar To The Valpak Franchise, The Money Mailer, Clipper Magazine, Red Plum, The Home Mag & Dozens Of Others media 

franchises all costing over $50,000. They All Sell Advertising To Local Businesses And Mail Their Coupon Envelopes And Or Ad Magazines To 10,000 Homes In The Same Zip Code The Businesses 

Are In, With 30,000 People Living In Those Homes. Business Owners Love It Because Their Ads Are Mailbox Delivered To The Homes Surrounding Their Businesses Location, In Their Own Zip Code,

To The People close Enough To Come In And Spend Money, Their Best Prospects. It’s A Business Model That’s Established, Proven Profitable & Foolproof With The Giant Postcard. 

     The Giant Postcard Business Is $2,500.00 And Its Superior To The $50,000+ media Franchises. They All Work The Same Way. After You Buy Your Franchise you then You Have To 

Get Advertisers. But The $50,000 Franchises Don’t Make It Easy And Effortless Like my Giant Postcard Does. I Supply You 500 Samples Which Provide You A Proven Method To Take Ads From the 

Business Owners You Hand Your Sample To. If There In, They’ll Sign Up On The Spot, And If Their Not It, Leave Your Sample And They’ll Call You After They've Reviewed It. Its Tried And Tested!

     The Advertising Business Is Exploding And The Best Advertising Platform Is The Giant Postcard. It’s The Only One That Puts Every Business On The Front Page, Insuring Their Ad Is

Seen Every Time. With No Pages To Turn Or Envelopes To Open It's Superior To The Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines And Newspapers Most local Businesses Are Advertising In. Everyone Who

Sees The Giant Postcard Is Fascinated, Captivated, And Curious Enough To Thoroughly Review it!    

     50,000+ People Are Currently Operating Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines And Newspapers And The Giant Postcard Is Better! Take A Look In Your Mailbox and you'll find it's

 loaded with advertising. Business Owners Want To Speak With You. Your Offering Something They Need And Want. They All Want To Be On your postcard When They Learn Your Mailing

It To the Homes Surrounding Their Business Location, In Their Own Zip Code, reaching Their Best Prospects! Most Are Already In The Coupon Envelopes, Ad Magazines And Newspapers Where 7

out Of 10 Of Their Ads Goes Unseen And Directly Into The Trash. When They See The Giant Postcard They Instantly Realize Their Ad Will Always Be Viewed Because Its On The Front Page. 

Nothing Compares With It's Effectiveness And Pricing. Other Medias Are More Than Three Times The Price! Its The Apple I Phone Of Advertising.

     The Competition Is Junk Mail. Your Offering Biz’s A Chance To Reach 10,000 Homes With 30,000 Of Their Best Prospects Inside, All Surrounding Their Business Location, In Their Own Zip 

Code With Ads Starting At $67 A Month! That’s Less Than 1 Cent Per Best Prospect. Do They Have Interest, Oh Yeah! when they sign on for a double size ad they get a business 

card size ad Delivered in the mailboxes of their best prospects for 3.5 cents per home. a business card cost 3 cents and it's not delivered or seen. Visit The Category 

Sell Every Business & You’ll Understand Why Every Business Owner Will Want An Ad On Your Giant Postcard. And Most Businesses Take Double Size Ads Or Blocks Of 4 And 6 Making It Very Easy

To Fill Up a lot of Giant Postcards. Very Few Choose The Small Size Ad On Offer, Because The Prices Are So Cheap.

     Once A Biz Is On Your Giant Postcard, They Stay There! There's Nothing That’s Half As Good. Once You Get Your Business Started It Runs Itself On Autopilot. They All Stay On Your 

Postcard. Just Visit, Call Or Email Customers For Renewals And They’ll Send You A Check. Its Like A Residual Income That You Continually Expand. The Income Potential In This, Is Truly Unlimited!

     Businesses Are Waiting And Never Ending. Most Zip Codes Have 500-1000 Brick And Mortar Businesses In Them. Plus hundreds More Contractors, Doctors, Dentists And Other Medical 

Providers, As Well As Home Operated Businesses that want to advertise. Besides That, Many Businesses Outside Of The Zip Codes You’re Mailing To Will Want To Reach The Homes in the zip

code That You're Mailing To. Usually There Are thousands Of Quality Prospects In Every Zip Code, And You Can Do As Many Zip Codes As You Want. Wherever You Live, Your Zip Code

Or A Nearby Zip Code Is Great For This Business. In The More Rural Area's We will Combine A Few Zip Codes To Make A Great Territory. 

     The Giant Postcard Is Dated According To The Seasons, But You Can Do 6 Or Even 10 Giant Postcard's Each Season In Each Zip Code Because There Are So Many Businesses And A

Limited Amount Of Ad Spaces. The Seasonal Nature Of The Giant Postcard Along With The Quality Of These Heavy Duty 100 Pound Laminated 9" X 12" Giant Postcard's Lends Them To A Long 

Shelf Life. Those Receiving It, Leave It On Their Counters Or Coffee Tables For Long Periods Of Time, Often The Entire Season. Its Treated Like It’s A Piece Of Art. Its Too Beautiful To Throw out. 

Its Not A Normal Postcard, Its Double Thick, Double Heavy, Glossy Laminated Like A Menu. Its Waterproof & Indestructible! It's A Show Stopper. Business Owners Grab It Like your handing

Them Money! you'll have to pry it out of their hands!

     the seasonal (3 month shelf life) approach and monthly price breakdown make it easy to sign on businesses. they think, how great is this, i pay $349 in total (depending 

on their ad size for 3 months. that's practically nothing). however, after you have filled up your first postcard and are now filling up your second postcard (perhaps 3 weeks along), and 

about halfway done with postcard 2, you go back to the initial advertisers and advise you are doing another postcard. some will be surprised to see you, but you explain that there are 

dozens of other businesses that want to be on the postcard, so you naturally need to keep doing them. you advise that they do not need to be on this one, but they might want to 

because you can put a different ad on this postcard. you also advise that when the postcard first arrives, the households review it extra Thoroughly generating the most response. half of 

the advertisers will be glad your back and want to be on the 2nd postcard and some will tell you to come back for the next season. either way, you get them on board with the

seasonal approach & your still able to sell them additional ads every month. the best of both worlds! 

      Just Show It To Business Owners, By The Time Their Done Reviewing It, Not Only Do They Want To Be On Your Giant postcard, Their Fired Up, Excited and Anxious To Start. They’ll 

Never Give You Back Your Sample. They Want To Look At It Over And Over Until Their Real Ad Comes Out. Its Love At First Sight. They Know The People That Receive It In The Mail Will React 

The Same Way while Reviewing Their Ad Thoroughly.

     Besides 500 Samples Designed To Sell For You, You’re Also Provided With A Presentation Folder As Shown In The Video. It’ll Have The Zip Codes Were Mailing To And A Host Of Post Office

Documentation Including My Bulk Mailing Permit. It Will Also Have Documentation Which Will Have YOUR Name On Them. This Provides You With Added Credibility When Your Speaking With 

Business Owners. Your Provided Every Resource To Make Easy Sales. Just Leave The House, visit businesses, And Make Believe You're Going Shopping! It's That Easy!

     Now I’m Going To Explain Exactly How To Succeed In This Business. You Visit Business Owners. Their Everywhere, In The Stores, Restaurants And Offices. You Collect All The Medias 

You Find Around Because The Businesses In Those medias Are Your Best Prospects Because Their Already Spending Money And Want To Spend It Smarter On Your Giant Postcard. You Can Go To 

The Home Depot Parking Lot And Speak With 50 Contractors Pulling In And Out With Their Vans Before Noon. Their Vans Are All Highly Visible With Signage Exclaiming Their Specialty Like 

Plumber, Handyman, Painter Etc., So Their Easy To Find. you'll sign these contractors up like taking candy from a baby. You Have Something Every Business Owner wants and Needs, 

A Way To get Customers. Even the Smallest Pizza Parlor Has Monthly Bills That Exceed $20,000. Their Desperate To Get Their Message Out And Customers In. The Contractors Are Even More 

Desperate As They Don’t Have A Store And Depend Entirely On Advertising To Stay In Business. The Businesses Need You And Want To Speak With You About Your Postcard.

     You Show Your Sample And Take Ads Everywhere You Go. You Talk With Every Business You Deal With, Your Gardener, Your Pool Guy, Your Various Repair People. Every Store You 

Go Into When Your Shopping And Every Restaurant You Eat At. You Can Fill Up your Postcard By Just Talking With Businesses Your Interacting With During Your Normal Day. You Go To The Car 

Wash and Show The Sample To The Boss, Boom You Got A Customer. You Go For Pizza, Show The Sample To The Pizza boss, Boom Another Customer. Its Just That Easy. Your Only Job Is To 

Show Your Sample To Business Owners and take down their ad information. The Business Owners All Have Interest, The Sample Will Sell For You And Everything Else, I’ll Do For

You. Just Tell Them Where Your Mailing To, What Zip Codes, And When.

     When You take Out Your Sample, They Eagerly Grab It. Its Like A Magnet. When Their Reviewing It, Don’t Speak, Give Them A Minute To Read And Absorb The Information and The 

Sales Pitches. Then You Say, "I Can Make You An Ad Sample Ad For Free If You'd Like” BOOM! It’s A Done Deal. Just Go Over Ad Sizes And Prices Now.

     Often Businesses Will Have An Ad Running And Will Want Something Similar. So You Take A Photo Or Scan Their Ad And Send It To MeI’ll Take This Ad Info And Make It Into Their Ad 

And Put It On The Giant Postcard. Sometimes They’ll Give You Their Business Card Or Their Website And I'll Make Up A Great Ad From That. I’ll Replace One Of The Original Ads On The Sample 

postcard With The Businesses Real Ad. I'll Email This To You And You'll Print It Out And Go Back To The Business With It, & Show It To The Owner. Remember, High School Seniors Sell Ads

To Local Businesses For Their Year Book, So This Is Not Rocket Science, And With My Help It’s Foolproof. i also supply you with an ad taking instruction sheet.

     At This Point They're Super Sold And Ready To Throw Money At You. The Sample Is Great! Their Ad Is Great And Their Fired Up And Anxious To Go Forward. Usually They'll Ask You

What's Next, And You'll Tell Them You Need Some Money. Most Often They'll Pay You In Full. Or, Collect 50% Of The Money And Go Back And Collect The 50% Balance After The Giant Postcard

Is Mailed. When You Go Back, You're Going Back With A Giant Postcard That Has Their Ad Printed On It And The Postage Receipts which I'll Provide You With. On Occasion They'll Want A 

Change Made To Their Ad Which Is No Problem, Just Advise me of The Changes And I’ll Make Them. 

     The Deposit Money You Collect More Than Covers Your Only Expense Of $4,000 For 10,000 Giant Postcards Designed, Printed And Mailed To Your Targeted Zip Codes. Once You’ve 

Paid My One Time $2500.00 Fee To Get Started, There Are No Other Start Up Costs. You Can Enjoy an Immediate Cash Flow.

     You Can Sell Any Size Ads You Want. You Mix And Match Sizes To Fill Up Your Giant Postcard. You Can Sell Any Sizes You Want, Even Half The Card To A Real Estate Broker That Wants 

To Show 12 Houses For Sale or a car dealer that wants 12 cars on the postcard. I Help You, But The Final Decisions Are Yours. It's Your Business To Profit From As Well As Sell In The Future

Should You Want To Retire Or Cash Out. The Giant Postcard Is Your Business. My Business Is Supplying You With Your Finished Product And Helping You Do As Many As Possible.

      I’ve Put hundreds Of People Into The Advertising Newspaper And Magazine Business Over The Last 10 Years. You Can See A Video In The Category, About Art. I’ve Switched From 

Newspapers And Magazines To The Giant Postcards. It’s By Far The Easiest And Most Profitable Franchise Style Home Business On The Market.

     Consider Signing On While Your Zip Codes Are Available And Ending Your Business Search. My Fee Includes 500 Samples And As Many More As You need. I Make Money On Each 

Printing And Mailing So I Will Help Any Way I Can To make you successful! My Fee Also Includes Your Custom Presentation Folder As Shown In The Video As Well As Exclusivity To The Zip Codes 

You’ve Chosen To Target, and you can continually add zip codes as you grow without any additional costs. my fee includes unlimited zip codes as long as you are producing

postcards in these zip codes. If I Had Another Person In The Same Zip Code, With You, Perhaps Neither Of You Would Do Giant Postcards & I Need to print & mail postcards To Make Money. 

It also Includes All Your Ad Designs Forever, As Long As I’m Doing Your Printing And Mailing.

     Selling To Business Owners Is Great. They Never Run Out Of Money And Their Hungry To Make More. They’ll Do Anything To Grow And Expand Their Businesses. I Succeeded Easily In 

Rural NC Where I Had To Put 5 Zip Codes Together To Make A Territory. I Had Just Moved There And Half The Businesses Would Not Speak With Me Because They Hated the Northerners. 

Filled Up A 12 Page Newspaper Without A Sample. I Sold Every Business Owner I Spoke With. You Will Do The Same. Call me up and i will go over your zip codes advising how many 

homes and businesses are in it.

     If This Sounds Good To You, Sign On. If You Don’t Invest In Yourself, No One Else Will. If You Feel This Is Some Thing You Can Do, Call Me With Questions And I'll Make It Happen. I’ll Help

 You Create A High Income Home Based Business. call me to confirm your zip codes are available before signing on.