I've helped 100's succeed in this business & I can help you too! 
I'm Arthur Gottlieb and this is the Giant Postcard Business. If you visit local businesses in your area and hand them the sample postcard, you can succeed in this business. You can earn up to $11,000 on each Giant Postcard you do, and you can do 24 a year working part time. That's over $200,000. Even if you do only 5 postcards a year, you'll still make over $50,000. 

Just visit local business owners and contractors and hand them the sample postcard. The sales pitches and prices are printed on it. When they see it, their hypnotized! Your sample postcard is captivating and alluring. They've never seen anything like it and are fascinated. When they've reviewed it, they'll ask you where your mailing it to and when. Their sold! 

Your Giant Postcard sample convinces business owners that that they need to advertise on it. You can succeed quickly and effortlessly in this business without special skills, and with my help. I helped 100's succeed over the years and can do it for you as well!

You'll get ads from every business owner you hand the sample to. It does the selling and never fails. You'll take business away from the coupon envelopes, ad magazines and newspaper franchises effortlessly. Zoom in on the sample and you'll understand why every business owner you hand it to, buys an ad. 

Your offering a business card size ad for $349 delivered to 10,000 homes surrounding the businesses location. That's 3.5 cents each. A business card costs more and lays unseen and undelivered under the businesses counter. And their are 3 people in each home, meaning your business card size ad can reach 30,000 of the businesses best prospects. The consumers in their own zip code. They love it!

Your 9" x 12" Giant Postcard generates up to $15,500 in revenue (depending on ad sizes sols) and your only expense is a $4,000 production cost which includes the designing of your ads and the printing, and mailing of your postcard to 10,000 homes in your targeted zip codes. You profit up to $11,000 on each postcard. 

I protect the zip codes that your'e targeting and don't work with anyone else in those zip codes as long as your in business. Your investment is protected. It wouldn't serve me well if I had two people competing with each other in the same zip codes. I might not get any postcards to print and mail, and I make money on every one I print and mail along with you. 

This business is similar to the Valpak, the Money Mailer, the Clipper Magazine, the Home Mag and dozens of other media franchises, all costing over $50,000.00. It's an established and proven profitable business model. The Giant Postcard cost $2,500.00 to start and is superior to the $50,000.00+ franchises. They all work the same way. You buy your franchise and then you need to get your own advertisers in your own area. 

However the $50,000 franchises don't make it easy like I do. I supply you with 500 samples providing you a proven method to sell ads to businesses. Just hand the sample to them., If their in, they'll sign up on the spot. If their not in, leave your sample there and they'll call you after they've reviewed it.

The mailbox advertising business is exploding and the best platform is the Giant Postcard. I'ts the only one that puts every business on the front page, insuring their ad is seen. With no pages to turn or envelopes to open, it's incomparable! Most businesses are currently advertising in coupon envelopes and ad magazines, and they're well aware that 8 out of 10 of them goes into the trash without their ad being viewed. 

They love the Giant Postcard where their ad is guaranteed to be viewed. The homes receiving the Giant Postcard are fascinated and review it thoroughly viewing all the ads. The business owners understand and appreciate this when they see the your sample. 

50,000 people now operate coupon envelopes and ad magazines (just look in your mailbox), and the Giant Postcard beats them all. Business owners want to speak with you. Your offering something they need. They all want to be on your postcard when they find out you're mailing it to their zip code, their best prospects. 

Your competition is junk mail (most going into the trash). The business owners want to be on the Giant Postcard where their ad will always be viewed! Nothing compares with it's effectiveness or pricing. Your offering businesses a chance to reach 10,000 homes with 30,000 of their best prospects inside with a business card size ad for just 3.5 cents per home (the usual price of an undelivered business card). 

They love it! Some will take ad blocks of 4 or 6. Some businesses like car dealers and real estate brokers will even have interest in half the postcard. Very few take the single size ad for $199, although some will. Filling up your postcards is quick and easy with the sample and resources provided.

Once a business is on your postcard, they stay there! There's nothing as good. Once you get your business started, it runs itself on autopilot. Just call or email customers for their renewal and they'll send you a check. It's like a residual income that you continually expand. 

Businesses are waiting, and there's so many there never ending. Most zip codes have 500-1000 brick and mortar businesses plus 100's more doctors, dentists, contractors and home businesses. Many businesses outside of your targeted zip codes will want to reach the homes your targeting. Usually theirs 1000's of quality business prospects in every zip code. You can expand to as many zip codes as you want! 

Every zip code is great for this business model. Even if you live in a rural areas, we'll combine a few zip codes making a great territory. There is no bad location for this business. If your mailbox is loaded with advertisements, It means the businesses are already trained to place direct mail ads. If your mailbox is empty, your local businesses need and want this service/opportunity badly. 

The Giant Postcards are dated according to the seasons. The quality of these 100 pound double heavy, glossy laminated postcards lends themselves to a long shelf life. Their waterproof and almost indestructible. All the offers/specials on the card are good for the 3 months. 

Often homes receiving it place it on their counters or tables for long periods of time. It's treated like a piece of art, too beautiful to throw out! But, you can do 6 or 10 Giant Postcards each season in each zip code because their are so many businesses/advertisers and only so much room on each postcard. 

The seasonal approach and monthly price breakdown makes it easy to sign on businesses. Business owners think, how great is this, I pay $349 (for a business card size ad) for 3 months. That's practically nothing. However, after you've filled up your 1st postcard and are on your second (perhaps 3 weeks along), you go back to the advertisers on the first postcard. They'll be surprised to see you, but you explain that there are dozens of businesses that wanted to be on their postcard but couldn't fit. So you needed to do more. 

Advise them that they do not have to be on your new one, but they might want to, because you can put a different ad on it. You'll also mention that when the postcard first arrives in the mail the households review it extra thoroughly, generating the most response. Some will want to wait for the nest season, but many will be glad your back and want to be in your new postcard. This approach allows you to have businesses on your postcard in a monthly fashion as well as a seasonal fashion. Benefit from the best of both worlds. 

Besides 500 samples designed to sell for you, you're also provided with a presentation folder as shown in the video and in the photo category. It has the zip codes were mailing to and a host of official post office documentation. It will have your name on some documents, providing you with credibility for speaking to businesses. Your provided every resource to making filling up your postcards easy. Just visit businesses and put the sample in their hands. 

Business owners are everywhere. Stores, restaurants and offices. You'll collect all the medias you find around and those that come in your mailbox. These businesses are already advertising and especially easy to sell. You can go to the Home Depot parking lot and speak with 20 contractors pulling in and out with their vans before noon. Their vans are all marked with their specialties (roofer, plumber, painter etc.). You can sign up contractors effortlessly. They don't have stores and get all their business through advertising. None as good as the Giant Postcard. 

All business owners need to advertise and most already are. Even the smallest pizza parlor has monthly bills exceeding $20,000. Their desperate to get their message out and customers in. The businesses need you and want to be in your Giant Postcard. 

You show the sample and take ads everywhere you go. Talk with every business owner you come in contact with. Your gardener, your pool guy, your mechanic, etc. Every store you shop at and every restaurant you eat at. You can fill up a postcard by talking with businesses your interacting with during your normal day. You go to the car wash, and sell an ad. You go to the pizza place, and sell an ad, etc. Your job is to show the sample to businesses, tell them where your mailing to and take their ad information and money. The business owners are all interested, the sample will sell for you, and everything else, I'll do for you. 

When they see your sample, they eagerly grab it. It's like a magnet. While their reviewing it, don't speak, give them a chance to read and absorb all the sales pitches on the sample. Then tell them, "I can make you a sample ad for free if you'd like". Boom, it's a done deal. Just go over ad sizes and prices so we know what size sample ad to make up. Often businesses have an ad running and will want something similar. Just take a photo or scan their ad and send it to me. I'll improve on it and they'll love it. 

Sometimes you'll only get their business card and website address and I can make a great ad from that. I'll replace one of the ads on the sample postcard with the businesses ad sample. I'll email this to you and you'll print it out and go back to the business with it (as shown in the video). At this point, their sold! They'll usually ask you whats next after they see their sample, and you'll advise you need money now. Now they've seen your sample, your documentation and their sample ad, Their Sold! If they need a change to their ad, no problem, I'll do it. 

The money you collect more than covers your only expense of $4,000 for 10,000 postcards designed, printed and mailed to your targeted zip codes. Once you pay my one time $2,500 fee to get started, their are no other start up costs. You can enjoy immediate cash flow. All decisions are yours. It's your business to profit from as well as sell in the future should you want to cash out or retire. My business is helping you do as many postcards as possible. 

Since 2008 I have put 100's of people into the advertising newspaper and magazine business. You can see a video of how it started in the category "About Art" on this website. I've switched from newspapers and magazines to the superior Giant Postcards. It's the easiest and most profitable franchise style business today. Consider signing on while your zip codes are available. My fee includes your samples, my ad design work for as long as you are doing postcards, and your presentation folder.

Selling to business owners is great! They never run out of money and they'll do anything to expand their business. I succeeded easily in rural North Caroling where I had to put 5 zip codes together to make a territory. I had just moved there and half the businesses would not speak with me as I was a northerner in a southern area. Many wouldn't speak with me as they hated the Yankees (as they called me).

If this sounds good to you, call me or email me to confirm your zip codes are available. I'll also advise how many mailboxes and businesses are in your zip codes. Call with questions as well, Art 954-534-9368. If you're looking for a high income home based business, I can make it happen for you!