if you make money on every postcard you mail and print for me, why do i need to make an up front one time payment? because over the years i have taken some losses. sometimes a person will take 20 or 30 ads in their first week and then quit realizing they were happier taking a nap after their regular job ended as compared to visiting businesses and taking ads. some will suffer health issues and various other personal stumbling blocks which i have no control over and quit. Meanwhile i've spent many hours designing their ads. at this point i have not made any money, as i make money when i print and mail your postcards. but, they quit without getting anything printed or mailed, nOT allowing me the opportunity to profit along with them. in this case i've worked for free. i've done this in the past, and am unwilling to do it again. i also would have incurred the expense and labor of sending 500 samples & presentation folders and lost money. sorry, but the initial payment is not negotiable.  
     can i get sample postcards without signing on? no. sample postcards are only sent to Those that have signed on. In the past i've sent samples to people that started businesses with them and DID NOT use me for the printing and mailing. Not fair to me or my potential partners in those marketplaces.

     why do you offer discounts when i don't use my credit cards? because i don't encourage the borrowing of money for the purpose of going into business. nothing in life is guaranteed and i don't want someone signing on with their credit card, which is easy to do, and then their circumstances possibly changing, making it difficult for them to continue. in these cases, they are not making money and have their credit card bill to pay off. I try not to put anyone in that situation. if you can not afford to pay for this business model, perhaps it is not for you.  

     can i succeed without you? it's highly unlikely. my Proprietary sample is the key to filling up the postcard easily and effortlessly. besides that, the designing of the ads is not something most can do successfully. satisfying the business owners as well as bringing customers through the door is a skill set most do not possess. and without a bulk mailers permit, you would have to use direct mail retail which is a disaster. most mailings do not arrive as specified, and most accepting post offices don't know how to accept the mailings (they don't know the codes they must push in on their computer). plus, if the slightest mistake is made on the permit insignia the mailing is not accepted. I use the bulk mailing system used by national bulk mailers, at the bulk mail processing centers (for permit holders only) whereas your mailings are always delivered as specified.   
Can I Do More Than 10,000 giant postcards? Yes, You Can Do As Many As You Want. The Price Is Constant Whereas You Pay Exactly for What Is Printed and Mailed. 10,000 pieces designed, printed and mailed Cost you $4,000.00. If You Needed To Do 15,000 Pieces, The Price Would Be $6,000.00. You Pay Exactly For The Amount That Is Printed and Mailed. 

     What Makes The giant postcard Opportunity So great? It's Simple and Straightforward. You're provided An Exclusive Territory. You take ad orders for Your giant postcard. You Submit Your Ad Information To Me For ad Design, Printing and Mailing. It's All Done For You Other Than The taking of the ad information, PERIOD!

     How Long Does It Take For The giant postcards To Reach The Households After It's Completed And Ready For Mailing? It Arrives In Home Within 7-10 Days.   

     Can I Sell My giant postcard Business? Yes, It Is Like Any Other Small Business. The business and customers are 100% Yours, To Work Or Sell In The Future.  

     How Much Experience Do I Need To Succeed? not much. if you can go shopping and hand the business your credit card, you are capable of succeeding in this business.
     how do you get to $15,600.00 in revenue? there are 78 single ad spots. if you sell all single ad spots @ $199.00 each you generate $15,600.00

     How Do I Price Ads In The giant postcard? There Are Suggested Prices (See Photo Category) and most ad sizes are printed on the sample postcard. however, It Can Be Changed According To Your Needs. custom samples can be printed at your expense should you desire them. You Always Make The Final Decisions.  

     What Makes giant postcards A Better Choice Than Other Media Franchises? it's the only media product where the consumer is guaranteed to see the advertising businesses ad. all the receiving households view the postcards received in their mailbox. the amount of time they spend reviewing them varies according to the viewers level of interest, but they are viewed 100% of the time. see additional Comparisons In The Photo Category.  

     How Do I Know I Can Trust You? I Have A Long History Of Successfully Assisting Entrepreneurs Into Their Own Advertising Newspapers and Magazines Businesses Since 2008. My YouTube Channel Has A Million Views With over 500 Videos On It. Plus, I Need You To Succeed In Order To Make Money. I Earn Money On Every giant postcard I Print and Mail For You. Do A Google Search On Me and You Will Find I Have Been Around, In The Direct Mail Business For Some Time. Before That, I Was A Hardware Importer That Retired At 48. Direct Mail Has Been My Retirement Business. I Live In Pembroke Pines Florida and You Are Welcome To Visit. The Phone Number I Am Reached At, Is In My Home (954-534-9368). Don't Wake Me Up, I'm On Eastern Time. If You Still Aren't Comfortable, Don't Send Me Your Money!

     What Happens If I Die? I Have 3 Sons That Are More Than Ready and able To Fill In For Me. They Will Most Likely Be Battling Over Who Gets To Profit Off Your giant postcards When I'm Gone.